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Car information
Contact information

We will buy any motorhome and caravan dated from 1996 onwards, including those with defects and damage. We also buy entire fleets and stocks from other dealers.

We handle your data confidentially and refrain from disclosing it to any third parties.

We pay market prices, some of which significantly exceed SCHWACKE quotations, since we leverage international trading relationships.

Payment is via your preferred method and you can specify whether we pay you the purchase price in cash at home or accompany you to your bank or savings bank to deposit the purchase proceeds into your account.

We will take on your financing and handle formalities with your bank on request.

We will cancel your vehicle for you on the following working day or - at the latest - two working days later and cover any costs incurred. Of course, we can also take care of your motorhome in deregistered condition.

We will arrive punctually at the agreed date, which you are free to choose.

We pick up your vehicle, free of charge, from any point in Europe.

The collection time is up to you. You decide whether the vehicle should be picked up today or after your next holiday trip.

How do you proceed?

We commit ourselves to ensuring each of our work steps is transparent for you and to take each step only with your consent.


This means that for the remainder of the process, we arrange a viewing appointment following a telephone conversation between you and our shopping team member. One of our friendly North German sales representatives will come and examine your vehicle and provided agreement is reached, a binding purchase contract can now be concluded.

Naturally, the agreed deposit will be paid out immediately by our sales representatives in cash. At the same time, we will join you in coordinating all further proceedings.


As a general rule, we normally arrange another appointment with you at this time, at which one of our pick-up drivers will come to pick up your camper van and then either pay the remaining purchase amount to you directly or, if desired, take you to your house bank for payment and only then do you hand over your vehicle to him/her.

Current pointers / tips:

Our customers, those having already sold to us, are increasingly reporting very rude or even aggressive behaviour on the part of some of our competitors.

This is alien to us! Our (northern) German employees are serious, polite and courteous and will never press or harangue.


We were also informed that certain competitors did not keep their promises and agreements. For example, contracts partly concluded by email are not adhered to or vehicles already purchased are simply not collected.


And it is also in our interests to help you avoid being hoodwinked by any robbers or dubious free riders – where a cursory look at the imprint in the respective Internet page simply may not suffice.


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